About Educam

A unique platform for Effective Parenting and Active Parenting

Positive parenting develops feeling of care, courage, responsibility cooperation, self-esteem and respect in children. Everyday healthy and active interactions fuel up the relationship of parents with the child. Parent's involvement with children also enhances children's social values and behavior.

We embrace innovation-bringing positive and engaging ideas in our subscription services for establishing the positive and effective parenting among the parents.

Our services ensure that the child from the age of 3 to 16 will get maximum benefit for the early establishment of strong mental and social foundation that are critical to their well-being, learning and development, which extend their thought process and proceed to strong start in life. We have a strong vision to make longer, healthier, happier Parent-Child bond.

Our Mission

Educam has a wise mission of restoring and establishing healthier and happier family bonds stronger. Everyday feeds of active parenting help in building knowledge boosters, along with the best social and moral values. The knowledge boosters delivered via exciting videos having basics, simplicity and great graphics. The videos designed by focusing on the children psychology and their age-appropriate learning and understanding ability.